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714 Ninth Street
Durham, NC 27705

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Wetrock Resources, LLC is currently pursuing various types of development opportunities.

Product Type

  • Land / Homebuilding
  • Suburban Multifamily
  • Senior / Assisted Living
  • Infill Commercial and Condo


  • U.S.
  • East Africa
  • Delhi-NCR, India

our Principles

At Wetrock Resources, LLC, we capitalize on less sought-after opportunities that have real value, but require a unique vision and hard work to execute. We are seeking opportunities that require novel ideas and innovative solutions to ultimately provide healthier, community-focused lifestyles for the end users.

  • We build strong and lasting relationships everywhere we operate
  • We strategically bridge gaps between industries to create value
  • We work intelligently and diligently to identify opportunities and maximize value
  • We work with local, as well as larger industry partners, to instigate meaningful change
  • We aim to maximize human fulfillment and promote health and well-being
  • We give back in innovative ways
  • We fully commit to our projects once they are initiated, and fight to bring them to fruition
  • We work with innovative teams to create dynamic imaginative results and thoughtful solutions